Atenes Auc is a cultural association whose partners are joining together as collective self-consumers (AUC) in compliance with DL 162/19 (42bis art.) and relevant implementing acts, such as ARERA resolution 318/2020/R/eel and MiSE DM, september 16 2020.

The association was co-founded by ACEA Pinerolese Energia, Tecnozenith and CER Energy City Hall of Magliano Alpi and is going to operate in partnership with blocks of flats powered by collective self-consumption energy systems. The first two functioning, self-consuming blocks are in via Cittadella and via Tabona, in Pinerolo.


Atenes’s partners meet the following criteria:

  1. They feature a ventilated facade system implemented following march 1, 2020.
  2. Their flat-owners have consciuosly and unanimously approved this energy transition.
  3. Their flat-owners have unanimously approved the allocation criteria of the incentives, in compliance with current regulations and practice.
  4. They feature energy meters, BMS and/or IoT platforms allocating the incentives according to the criteria referred to in point C.
  5. They followed complete procedure on the portal of the Energy Services Authority (GSE).

Atenes AUC

Future Partners